Still down

But getting better I think. Seems that we (Cat and I) have both had a bug. Hoping once again that tomorrow is a better and more productive day. Till then…


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One Response to “Still down”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Hope you get over it soon. Between people with H1N1, bronchitis, and various other things, the sick season has started early this year.

    Had a pretty good day. Worked mainly in the workbuilding with a side trip to the high school. Swapped some computers, cleared up (hopefully–time will tell) a problem with an interactive whiteboard, and fixed a machine by plugging in the keyboard connection all the way. The last is kinda funny, but it’s a continuing problem with some of the computers we have. To save files, the students have to put in USB drives to save them on. The only USB ports on the computers they are using are on the back, right under the keyboard and mouse connections. When they go to pull the USB drive out (heck, when I go to pull the USB drive out of those things!) it’s all too easy to dislodge the PS/2 connection of either the keyboard, the mouse, or both. And if it only comes out enough to lose connection, but not fall out, it can be easy to overlook. Glad I found it meself–though I have seen it before.

    Went back to the workbuilding and worked on the image Macbook, and burned more DVDs–got about six to go now. Yeah! After work went home and got the wife’s car (A/C and music available there) and went to Anniston to set up the computer that wouldn’t send mail on Worked fine there. Did some tweaking to get the computer more senior-friendly, hooked up the speaker for sound, and installed VLC while I was at it. AWESOME monitor–not only is it at LEAST a 22″ widescreen (and might be bigger), but the sucker ROTATES. Truly cool! Came home and ate supper, and went to bed early. Got up later (about 10:30 or so)and sat on the porch with the wife–nice and cool. A kitten came around to check things out, which got our dog all worked up. We had to wake the daughter up to get back in–she had locked us out when she let the dog out, didn’t realize that we were out there.

    Now it’s about time to go make lunch/supper. Packing one, putting the other in the crock pot. Have a good day!


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