I hate Windows

It’s now 1:45 am and I just got the laptop to the point I could do the windows updates somewhat safely. I have no idea how many hundred files were deleted in the virus scan. There were 21 .exe and .dll’s that were in the windows32 folder that I had to do one by one. Still have 3 windows coming up at boot about .dll’s it can’t find that are somewhere in the registry. I’ll see if I can find and delete those hooks in the morning.

In the time it took Avast to scan 1% of the hard drive I wiped the drive in my test machine and installed Kubuntu 9.10 Alpha 6. Have I mentioned lately that I HATE Windows? In ALL of it’s virus infested iterations…

It’s long past time for bed. Till tomorrow… Oh, that’s right it IS tomorrow already. Till later today then…


One Response to “I hate Windows”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Sorry. Wiping and reinstalling on that machine might have been a better idea–though you probably thought of that…will have a LONG talk with the other Dave…

    I’m not too fond of Windoze a lot of the time either. But it’s the hand I’m dealt most always, so I play it. Did play with Macs a good bit yesterday, and will more in the coming days–got 1/7th of the machines ready. Woot! Only 55 left to go–and setting up wireless on them all. Job security for a few days, to be sure.

    Hope it gets better from here, in all ways.


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