Spyware, trojans, adware and still going

Still going on the laptop.

Would have been much simpler, as Steve has suggested, to just wipe and reinstall but the customer has a large amount of stuff on the drive and I don’t have a spare drive large enough to back it all up. As of a few minutes ago (around 2pm) SuperAntiSpyware had found an additional 162 items that need deleting at an hour and 36 minutes into the scan with no ideal how much more time it will take to finish. This is after the boot scan by Avast that I described last night and a previous sequence of scans by SuperAntiSpyware that I used to remove the Total Security rogue antispyware program, which had removed 30+ infected items. I am more surprised that the machine was able to run at all than anything else.

If it was my machine it would get wiped and Ubuntu or Kubuntu installed and have none of these problems ever again.

Ah well, gripe session over. Just hoping it gets done with the scan today so I can rerun Avast to check things from the desktop. Till later…


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2 Responses to “Spyware, trojans, adware and still going”

  1. Steve Says:

    Windows, the Internet, and teenagers–a mix made in Hell…


  2. Steve Says:

    On another note, the last Macbook that is going to get cloned today is cloning as I type. “And there was much rejoicing!” The cables surely helped–well, the CABLE surely helped–I never could get the Dollar Tree cable to work, but once I discovered that cloning from a previously-cloned machine was faster (by about 10-15 minutes off of 45-50 minutes) I switched one of the source machines, and things have gone faster. I have almost everything packed in the boxes, just waiting on the last machine, which looks to have ~10 minutes to go.

    Thanx bunches! I’ll get the cables back to you next week, after I do the other 29 for the elementary school….if you need it back sooner, let me know. Thanx again.


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