Still going

Got Cat’s computer back online with just the Linux drive. Had to redo grub to get it working. Backed up the old grub so hopefully will be able to get it working as previous when we get another storage/winblows drive installed. She is still sorting and burning things on the external drive. No idea how much longer that will take. Being a usb device it takes a LONG time to do anything. I’m wondering about taking the case apart and seeing if it is a ide or sata drive and if ide moving it into the computer to speed things up.

I’m still cleaning stuff off my drives. Gonna get the larger one cleaned completely off and put pclos on it so I can dual boot it and ubuntu. Lotta stuff I would rather do in pclos’s version of kde. Don’t like the kde ubuntu uses. Much prefer their gnome. And don’t really like the gnome in pclos. Kinda strange but that’s life I guess…

For now am gonna finish burning some more stuff off and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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