Of trucks and air compressors…

Rain stopped and I am feeling better than in weeks so decided to finish taking the head off the truck to see just how bad it is. After the usual round(s) of now where did I last use “that” tool, and changing shirts twice due to them being dripping wet, I get the head off. Turn it over and it looks like the problem is just a blown head gasket. Haven’t checked for warp yet but it looks ok. Get the air grinder with cleaning disk and it’s frozen up. Put air tool oil in it and get it to break free and after it spits out some rust and most of the oil start cleaning the head and block off. Run out of new disks and energy about the same time, so come in and get out of the latest bits of dripping clothing. After drying off and starting to cool down a bit, sit down at the computer and then Cat comes in asking if the air compressor should still be running. Well, no it shouldn’t, so go out back to check and see if I had left a tool connected, which I had, and unhooked it. Checked for leaking lines there and found nothing out of the ordinary. Then on to the barn to find the compressor had stopped, but the motor was still running and the belt was smoking. Cut the power off at the breaker. Compressor pulley was too hot to even try to touch so don’t know if the compressor is locked up or if the belt just started slipping and once it got to 120+ lbs in the tank stalled the compressor out. I’ve got another compressor to put on there if this one is gone, but I had much rather just replace/tighten the belt. Not gonna do either today though. Tomorrow is soon enough. My back is not happy with all the leaning over I’ve had to do and that last bit of lifting the head off after breaking it loose kinda finished it off. Think I will take something and lay down for a bit. Till later or tomorrow as the body decrees…


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One Response to “Of trucks and air compressors…”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hope it is just the belt. Swapping compressors is not fun, usually. Hopefully the belt just stretched and then once it started slipping, that is usually it.

    Yeah, it’s quit raining, but the humidity didn’t go anywhere, did it? Except maybe up…


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