So has been a good news/bad news day

Went down and checked the compressor and it was fine, just a loose belt. Dug around and found the parts needed to finish the tensioner/spreader, I had started a year or so ago, to allow me to push the motor away from the compressor and tighten the belt. The device worked fine and once tightened the belt worked good enough. Need to get a new one but until this one breaks it will do. While there I decided to drain the water from the tank as I had not done that in a while. Opened the petcock and got at least most of the water and crud out, but when I went to shut it off it leaked. Opened and closed it several times trying to blow whatever was clogging it up out but no joy. So had to drain ALL the air out of the tank, remove the valve and clean it out good. Had some pitting so took a file and did a bit of careful touch-up on the sealing edge. Put it back in and all worked again, after the tank refilled that is, which took a WHILE. Really need to figure how big that tank is. Was made at AOD by a guy that worked there making tanks for some military purpose. I ended up with it as when he and a friend of mine drilled holes to mount the compressor and motor they drilled through the support AND the side of the tank. Support is 3/8″+ steel and tank wall is 1/4″ steel so I suspect that some mind altering substance(s) were involved. Actually they did it more than once but fixed all but one. Took me a while to find and repair but was worth it. Nice tank!

Next was to look closer at the head, so out back and checked it with a straight edge and found no warp but something just didn’t seem right so took the intake manifold off and found a bad gasket around the water jacket. Removed all the other extraneous parts and loaded it into the truck and took it over to my folks house for my dad to look at. He found a cracked valve seat in #2 and I found a crack in between the valves in #1. So it’s gonna have to go to the machine shop. Checked with Alabama Cylinder Head in Rainbow City and they didn’t have any for exchange but can do mine. Will take about 2 working days. Guess we will head that way tomorrow morning. Guy said it should be no more than $200.00 which is much better than the $580+ the parts houses want for them.

And I am beat. Even though the monitor is still sitting here looking all pitiful disassembled the way it is, I am ignoring it for now. Gonna go and crash for a bit and then see what I can figure to fix for supper, or do leftovers again, whichever seems applicable when I get back up. So until later, or tomorrow… 😉


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5 Responses to “So has been a good news/bad news day”

  1. Steve Says:

    Not to be a curmudgen, but what about the monitor?


    • depatty Says:

      Last paragraph in the post:
      “Even though the monitor is still sitting here looking all pitiful disassembled the way it is, I am ignoring it for now.”

      I did get into the power supply and it has a bit of an odor. Took the 3 largest capacitors out and checked them and they are all about 10% low value wise so am going to see if I can find some to replace them and see if that does the trick. Don’t see or smell anything in the monitor it’s self.


  2. Steve Says:

    Didn’t mean to be a smartass (well, not TOO much, anyway) but was really wondering about the monitor. Figure it got lost in the crush. Things do that.

    Had a pretty busy day. Did a walkabout at the elementary school and fixed a few things, retrieved one computer that wouldn’t fix (bad hard drive–sound familiar? Click/thunk/click/thunk/click/thunk–only good thing is it is a student drive and we only lost the drive, no data), finished up all but two of the Macbooks (those two have to be retrieved and cloned) and a few other things. Tomorrow we’ll get some other stuff done, Lord willing.

    Have a good one!


    • depatty Says:

      Nope. Took it apart last night but saw nothing and took the power supply apart today as described in the previous comment. But yes things do tend to fall between the cracks at times…


  3. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Well, I guess I have to give up my nickname of “Sherlock” now, after missing that one. Oh, well, nothing new on that, actually….hopefully things will start to go together today, eh?


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