Rainy Saturday

In which nothing much got done. Did spend some time backing up all the data from our self hosted web sites and burning it all to disk. Moved a bunch of stuff around on the computer and got a bit closer to installing a new os on the larger of the internal drives. Read a bit and somewhat sorted the EQMM’s that I got yesterday. Otherwise did a whole lot of nothing. For now am about to hit the sack so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Rainy Saturday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Rainy it was. Pass it did. Though it may have circled the drain for a while…

    Did some out-n-about errands. Got a haircut, ended up at the high school helping Skype someone to their 50 year class reunion. From Japan. He has gigabit fiber to his house….jealous, I am. Went to Wally World and then swam home. Didn’t get a lot more than supper done last night, as well as watch Alabama and Auburn slaughter their opponents…

    Now am just about ready to head out to Orange Beach for the AETA Fall Symposium, also know as “Geeks on the Beach”. Should be fun. If you would post the name of that library software you were telling me about yesterday, as I have forgotten it and want to research it whilst I am there. I called the hotel last night (Cableone phone is NICE–call anywhere in the US, and it’s an uncharged call! Suck it, AT&T–oh, I’m sorry, you already do…) and they said they have wireless access in the rooms now. Hope so.

    Well, got to finish up. Have a good one, and see you around the middle of the week.


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