PCLOS so far

Meant to check and see if there was a later version prior to installing but failed to do so and as there was have been doing updates. Beginning to think it would have been faster to download the new version and reinstall it. Though I don’t believe that it has KDE4 by default either though I could be wrong. Which is mainly what I wanted to get running so I could run the new version of the Tellico collection manager. Will see if it’s available when I get all this done. If not I suspect that there will be yet another distro downloaded and installed. Till later… 😉


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One Response to “PCLOS so far”

  1. Steve Says:

    Long time, no comment.

    Been here at Orange Beach at the AETA Fall Symposium. Been pretty good, found out some nice things, seen some nice presentations, seen some nice hardware, got food poisoning. Well, that kinda happens sometimes…I knew that Italian food wasn’t spiced right…

    Feeling better, if not exactly great. Things could be worse–the wife called a little while ago and said that her best friend’s mother had passed away. She fell Sunday night while her best friend was at church and hit her head. Her friend found her throwing up into a pan when she got home, found out what had happened, and called 911. They put her in ICU, but couldn’t do anything for her. She passed away this morning. So, the wife has gone to see her. Will hear from her when she gets home. Real bummer.

    Well, half-a-day tomorrow here, and then a six hour drive home. Woot! At least I don’t have to drive…I will probably be by Thursday for the laptop, because tomorrow I will probably be tied up with the above situation.

    Have a good one!


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