Tuesday done and no head

The one for the truck that is. πŸ˜‰ They said to call back tomorrow (Wednesday) around noon to see if it was ready, so will try then.

PCLOS is not a bad distro but the bit about Skype and my USB head set kept me from continuing to use it. I may try to figure a way around it at a later time but for now there are more distros to try. Downloaded and installed Kubuntu 9.10 alpha 6 and found that the version of Tellico in it was the old one. 😦 So am in the process of downloading Mandirva 2009.1, and have been for the last several hours as it is on a DVD. The version of Tellico in it, at least according to their download site, is the new one, so will try an install and see how it’s version of Skype works out, and go from there.

Most of the day has been spent doing computer stuff and reading as neither of us is doing real good at present. Made one trip out this evening after supper to Food Land to get some of the veggies they had on sale as today twas the last day of the sale. From the stuff they have piled on the shelves there will be some other canned goods on sale this week too. Will have to wait and see what the prices are as their sales run from Tues to Tues with about one a month that is a Thurs and Friday only biggie.

For now am gonna go back to my book and wait for the download to finish, so until tomorrow… πŸ˜‰


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