Bad head news

Called today about the head to be told it was non repairable. Went and picked it up and then once back here started trying to find another one to get rebuilt. So far the only place I have found that can even get one will have to order it in with at least a 2 day turnaround and they want a $150 for one that will then have to be rebuilt.

At this point I am thinking about putting the truck up for sale as is and finding another mode of transportation. For now am gonna take a much needed siesta and get back to things at a later time. Till then…


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One Response to “Bad head news”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Bummer. It happens though.

    Back home, tired, but glad to be home. Catching up on things, and will catch you up later. Let me know when you are home tomorrow–I will try to call you–so I can get laptop exchange done.



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