Can’t decide if it’s late or early

But know it’s past my bed time.

Still trying distros. Installed Mandriva and while there are things I like about it the things that I don’t like outweigh the ones I do. Downloaded and burned OpenSUSE KDE 11.1, but haven’t booted it for political reasons and doubt that I will. At present am trying out the new testing Gentoo Live DVD and liking it a LOT. So far don’t see a way to install from it but after playing with it running off of the DVD I think I’m gonna give it a shot on the hard drive. Sucker is faster running from the DVD than several of the hard drive installs I have tried lately have been.

For now am gonna call it a night and see if I can figure out what route to take transportation wise tomorrow. Till then…


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2 Responses to “Can’t decide if it’s late or early”

  1. Steve Says:

    Gentoo Live? That seems somewhat oxymoronic, since Gentoo is supposed to be the Geeks’ Geek Linux distro. But things change…let me know how it goes. I am planning very soon to set up my main box at home as a Linux box, and them try to get XP running in a virtual machine on that, as needed–and hoping not to need it much. Saw people doing virtual machine stuff on laptops (possibly netbooks) this week and really want to give it a try. Of course, the most impressive one was being used by a Unix geek, so…

    I’ll be in touch soon, about to try and call.


    • depatty Says:

      It would seem so but am still using it from the DVD and liking it. It uses a script to optimize the programs for the machine it’s running on. Takes a bit of time to get it all up and running but once there it flies! Of course there is a fair amount of stuff missing that would be nice to have but with only a gb of ram the amount of stuff that can be added on is limited.


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