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So first I log in as usual and am told that I have to cut off any ad blocking software I am running, and then after refreshing the window I am told that as I am not running either a Winblows or Mac browser that I have to use the older Yahoo classic. Well, piss on that, and on you too Yahoo! Not gonna turn off my ad blocker and if I can’t have get the news from you the way I had been, which is the only thing I use your service for anyway, as I get NOTHING but spam in my email account, I’ll just quit using your service all together. But I won’t cancel my account, as doing that would free your servers up a bit and as y’all have pissed me off soooooooo many times over the years I’ll just leave it to fill up with crap. And as for your collecting personal information, piss on that too, I’ll just let Google have all of that info and get my news from them too…


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