Done Saturday

And another nothing done day. Till tomorrow…


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One Response to “Done Saturday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Been a few days, thought I would take time to comment–if anyone cares…or even if they don’t…

    Had a usual end to the week. Friday evening the family went to the wife’s parents’ house and then we drove to Guntersville to Wintell’s Oyster House to celebrate the wife’s birthday. Food was good, but not really outstanding. Had a good time, despite being hit with a tropical deluge about 10 minutes before we got there. It cleared while we were eating, and we wound up standing around and talking for an hour after eating, outside the front doors. Finally got home sometime after ten.

    Next morning up and at’em around 5:30 for the wife to get off to work. Took a while for me to get going, finally went in sometime after eleven. Had to reboot a few things due to a power outage, worked on some machines, and generally didn’t get as much done as I would have liked to, but was kinda tired. Just couldn’t get going good. Still trying to figure out why every computer on campus not hooked to a UPS except for mine went dead when the power went out, but mine didn’t. Really weird….every other computer went down about 9:08 Friday night (as near as I can tell) but my computer was just sitting there, with all the same windows open that were open when I left it Friday. Went by Edward’s on the way home and got one of their AWESOME pork loins. Mainly watched football and did a little computer stuff Saturday evening.

    Up again this morning and get the wife off to work. Did breakfast, more remote admin, and put the loin in to slow cook in a Dutch oven. Ought to be good! About to get ready and go to work, I guess.

    Have a good one, and hope y’all get to feeling better soon.


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