Bits of Sunday

Did a bit more today than I have felt up to lately. Cleaned up a bit in the front of the main entry. Moved some wood and other crap that had been piling up for a while. Pulled up the tomato plants and got the plant beds ready for winter other than adding another layer of hay. Emptied the rain water containers. And called it a day as far as outside work was concerned.

Did lunch and then took a nap. Went to the qhut and started clearing stuff up in there. Mainly sorting and putting away for now. Measured and figured on extending the flooring on the top level to the sides of the roof. Looks like it will be doable with existing materials.

Fixed and ate supper and watched a bit of Sherlock Holmes. Am getting close to calling it a night. May try to make a run to Calcis tomorrow or Tuesday. Will decide when we see how things are going when we get up tomorrow morning. For now am going to watch a bit more and hit the sack, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Bits of Sunday”

  1. Steve Says:

    Sounds like you had a more productive Sunday than I had. I went it to work, and the main thing I did was get the Applecart (my term for the Macbook laptop cart) loaded and the power supplies hooked up, and then pushed the heavy sucker uphill to the central office where I plugged it up to charge. So now I can swing a (small) dead possum in my workroom and not hit, well, too much. I was trying to motivate myself to do more, when I got a call from the main maintenance man for the school system about one of the freezers at the high school. The monitoring system was telling him that the temp was up, and he didn’t trust what it was saying. So I went over and checked, and the temp was fine, it was the sensor that was bad. Went on to Wally World, and then home, where I did some things, but not enough, really.

    But today is another day! If we don’t drown, that is. Awesome amounts of rain this year, and this day, from the sound/looks of it. Stay dry!


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