While I applaud the efforts of someone wanting to go into business, head to head, against Craig’s List, I think they should have waited until at least SOME of the bugs were worked out prior to posting it on Craig’s List as a going concern.

I wouldn’t be pointing them out here but rather telling them about the problems and needed corrections but they don’t have ANY way that I could find (at present) to contact them! No email address, complaint or comment form, just NOTHING.

Also, the banner is ugly. I know this is a little thing but still, at least use a bit higher res jpg, or with only 4 colors make a nice little gif and get rid of the bleeding and jaggies in that sucker.

The Google custom search box goes to the WRONG url and returns a can’t find page! They sent it to rather than

They have a limited number of cities in each state and no way to add new ones or (again) contact them to get a new city added.

Even though some of the states/cities are showing that there are ads, clicking on the links don’t return any results. This being the worst of the lot in my eyes. They should have tested this sucker to death prior to putting/advertising it live!

The number of times they used the word “and” in the intro/please buy advertising from us bit under the header is a bit much. Come on folks, please use some commas and/or just add some additional sentences.

Get some of these items fixed and I’ll use the service. I’ll also add fixed to each of the items in this post and add another post lauding your service, as I think Craig’s List needs some competition where flagging an ad doesn’t automatically get it pulled.

Good luck, and PLEASE put an email address or comment box on the site! 😉


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