Just for future reference – Nasty Coffee

Chock Full O’ Nuts is some nasty stuff. Got a small bag at Wally World the other day and decided to try it today. Bad stuff. Odor (can’t call it an aroma) is reminiscent of pencil shavings. It’s drinkable but not at all something I want to get another cup much less buy more of. Trying to decide if mixing it with another coffee is worth the time or effort or if I’m just gonna pour it on the compost heap and go buy a bag of another brand. Bag was vacuum sealed so don’t think it went bad. Didn’t check the date either, but as I have used coffee that was several years old that didn’t taste/smell this bad, don’t think that is the problem. As they are still in business I guess there are folks that like the stuff but I sure ain’t one of them… 😦

Update: Just warmed another cup and tried to drink it. Got half way through and poured it out, dumped the rest of the pot, washed the pot, and am fixing a pot of Maxwell House. So if there is anyone local that wants the rest of the bag of Chock Full O’ Nuts, let me know, otherwise I’m throwing it out.


3 Responses to “Just for future reference – Nasty Coffee”

  1. Steve Says:

    Here’s a thought–save the bad nuts, and your receipt, and the next time you go to Wally World take it to the service desk and tell them that the bag of coffee you bought was the nastiest stuff you have ever drunk, and you would like the price of it as credit toward something drinkable. The worst they can do is tell you to f**k off, in which case you have another blog entry, and the best that can happen is they give you the price of the coffee as credit. Even if you don’t have a receipt, I would give it a try, as far as an exchange goes. Either way it’s a win/win–you either get money off of some GOOD coffee, or you can bitch about Wally World. What’s to lose?


    • depatty Says:

      Bad grounds are bagged up, with original bag and receipt and ready to go back to Wally World. Thanks for the input! Was so pissed off by the nasty coffee was just not thinking clearly. 😉


  2. Steve Says:

    I clicked on the link, Ray, and now I have that damned jingle stuck in my mind….AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!


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