Tuesday and done

Finally made the Calcis trip this morning, picked up the Toyota truck and brought it back. Took my Dad’s truck back to him, made a run to the bank (at 4:20) to find out they close at 4 Monday through Thursday and then did pass by Wally World. Took the really nasty coffee back and the person at the customer service desk was very nice about it. Refunded the money with no questions ask especially after she smelled it. I showed it to my dad and he remarked that it smelled like some of the stuff they made in the islands during WWII out of roasted peanuts and other assorted stuff. 😦 Got back here just before dark and got the metal up on the front (north) wall over the sliding door, then came in and fixed and ate supper. Been doing a bit of browsing and watching the next wet weather system moving in since. Waiting for friend to get here from south of B’ham who needs a place to crash for the night as she has a training session out at Pelham Range in the early am so will be up till sometime after midnight when she is due in. However am gonna do some more browsing and then read a bit till then so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Tuesday and done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had a pretty good day meself. Went in and started straightening up the workroom in the workbuilding. Then straightened some more. Then took a break to get a biscuit and fix a minor problem at the high school. Went back and straightened things up until about 3:30, when someone started pounding on the outside wall. ‘Twas the wife, and we went and ran errands for about an hour or so. Among other things I dropped something off to you–put it in between the doors. Hope you found it….went back to the workbuilding and got my truck, and headed home. Put some computers in the storage building, and some others in the computer room. Did supper and not a lot else, mainly online.

    Now another day. Will actually be able to DO something today, since I have the workroom uncluttered to the point of being able to do work. Yeah! Have a good day…


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