Rainy Thursday

Headed out this morning to Calcis to put non-slip carpet on Cat’s mom’s ramp and porch. Planned to hit some book places on the way back through Pell City this afternoon. Really picked a fine day to go. Started raining just before we loaded the truck, rained all the way down. Rained while I put the carpet down and worked on the storm door and the kitchen drawers. Continued to rain while we reloaded the truck in water about 2 inches deep in the front yard and headed out, to get about a mile down the road and find we had to go back to leave some other stuff we had failed to unload due to the heavy rain when we got there. Rained all the way back to Pell City, where we ate in the truck cab in the parking lot at the American Thrift Store and then did a bit of book shopping Continued as we went downtown and did some more book shopping and looking around at some other stores, and was on and off all the way back. Stopped for a few minutes at Food Land while we went in but started again just as we came out and were loading things in the totes in the back of the truck. Went from there to Wally World in Jacksonville and again, it rained on and off on the drive there and then back to the farm and was still raining as we unloaded the truck. Got everything cold and frozen put up, came in here and checked the weather and looked like in another 20 minutes it would quit, which it did. Cat fed the cats during the dry spell and then we cooked and ate supper, and I have been browsing and reading feeds since. Not sure what the morrow will bring but suspect it will involve being elsewhere than here, books, and driving. So until then… 😉


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One Response to “Rainy Thursday”

  1. Steve Says:

    ‘Twas indeed a wet day. I went to work and got several computers set up/replaced, and didn’t recover some data from a drive. Went home kinda early (about 1:00) because my sinuses or something in my head weren’t doing properly. Came home and ate lunch, did the dishes, and napped a while. Felt better when I got up. Cooked supper, ate and watched a good CSI. Now surfing and getting ready to (hopefully) sleep some in the morning. We’ll see.

    Have a good one!


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