Cool Saturday

Headed out this morning later than I had planned, mailed out a couple of E-Bay and Bonanzle items, then headed out and about. First stop was the ongoing yard sale just past the old Shorty’s on 144 where we picked up a few books, a pull chain light socket, a dozen 2×4 metal outlet boxes and some purses/bags. Made a bit of a back track to Food Land for a pit stop, then on out 144 and hit a yard sale where we got some kerosene lamp wicks, a large roll of 1/4 inch nylon rope, a DVD and a builders pocket guide. Went west a bit further and found that the Ohatchee library is closed on Friday, so turned north and hit the Rainbow city library were we got a few books. Made a food stop at Food World at the Rainbow City Shopping Center and after eating in the truck went into the American Thrift Store where we got nada. Several books we would have gotten but they have those non removable stickers so… Next was the Eagle Rock Thrift Shop were we got a few more books and then headed back toward home. Took a detour to try to find a antique place but ended up missing it and ending up in Ohatchee so back east on 144, a quick stop at Food Land for cheese and frozen veggies and then back home. Unloaded the tubs from the truck, put up frozen stuff, unloaded books and other assorted goodies from the tubs, and then took a computer break. Later on fixed and ate supper and back at the computer to type out this missive. Gonna do a bit more reading feeds and browsing and then hit the sack early. Want to head out and catch some of the yard sales and such going on in the morning, so till then… 😉


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