Another out and about day

Made a net to cover the totes in the back of the truck. Mainly to make it harder for the lids to blow off but also to make it easier to leave them in the back and not worry about someone just walking off with them. They can still be taken but someone will have to undo the net to get access and might get noticed doing so. After getting the net the way I wanted it we headed west and went through old downtown Ohatchee first and picked up several things at an inside yard sale they were holding there today. Then went further west and walked through the museum and festival at Janney Furnace. After we had all the fun there that we could stand (which with the cold and crowds didn’t take long) we again tried to go the the Ohatchee library but were too late, though this time copied down the days and hours they are open. 😉 Headed north on 77 and went to the new Eagle Rock Thrift Store in Attalla where we picked up a few books and Cat got a bunch of cross stitch charts. From there we went to the old down town area where they were holding the fall street festival. Walked through it and went to the Amazing Grace Thrift Store where Cat got some yarn and some books. Not bad on the yarn but far too high on the books for what they were. I was not a happy camper after leaving and figuring out what we were charged and though I will go in there when we are in town it’ll have to be a REALLY good deal before I’ll buy anything else from those people. 😦 From there headed back this way with a quick stop at the Dollar General in Alexandria where we didn’t find what we were after, then on to Wally World in Lenlock which turned out the same as the Dollar General trip. Went on to Jacksonville and got fuel and then headed on home. Unloaded the truck and then the tubs and put them back in the bed for the trip to the Pow Wow in Arab tomorrow. Not sure if we will need them but tis easier to have them and not need them than need them and not have them. Or something like that. Fixed and ate supper and have been doing bits of this and that getting ready to go tomorrow. For now am gonna do a bit of browsing and then call it a night, so till tomorrow…


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One Response to “Another out and about day”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Went out on the porch this morning, and there was this bright yellow ball just HANGING there in the sky. It was too bright to look at directly, so I’m not real sure what it is, but it sure looks different from what we have been seeing all my life….

    …or so it seems. Can’t really remember the last time I DID see the sun. Looks nice, feels nice (since it has cooled down), and we will be doing the picnic thing with Sue’s folks after church today. Went Friday to the movies and Gadsden mall and Chili’s. Had a good time. Got a “Make” magazine at BAM at the mall, pretty neat! Yesterday just stayed home and did some computer things, and watched football. Today ought to be more interesting.

    Have a good one!


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