There and back again

With nothing much to show for it but memories. And a few gallons of fuel less in the tank. Headed out later than I had planned on this morning. Got almost to Ceder Springs School when we remembered that we had failed to turn the heater off, so turned around, came back, turned it off, and headed out again. Took a new route that Google Maps showed me last night that was shorter and quicker, with much less traffic, from here to highway 77 in Southside. Out 204 and across 431 to old Gadsden Highway then to Gilberts Ferry Road through to Greenvalley Road where theres a dog leg back east to another road I have forgotten the name of which comes out on yet another forgotten road to the red light at the Shell Station on 77. Cuts off several miles. Anyway got there around 1 pm and things were just kinda getting going. Windy as all get out and rather cool too. Everyone we talked to was complaining about the weekend being a total washout. Looked at the stuff for sale and listened to the drummers. No dancers to speak of. Get the feeling that someone dropped the ball on the event. Showed some folks our wares and have some interested. Got orders for a couple of dozen pieces (or more depending on how I will work with him) for next spring on the hammered brass and copper pieces. Same guy is interested in Cats weaving. Around 3 we made another round of the booths and then headed back home. Got here around 5 and cleared stuff out of the back room and then moved the plants inside. Got finished with that around 6, then cooked and ate supper and have been browsing on the computer since. Next weekend it the Ren Faire in Florence so looking at a trip that a way then. Still trying to figure what to do sleeping over wise cause I do NOT want to drive it both ways in the same day again. For now am gonna see about finding something more comfortable to put on and read a bit, so till tomorrow… đŸ˜‰


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One Response to “There and back again”

  1. Steve Says:

    Sounds like a way I go every now and then when heading that way (not often) and want some variety. Nice views along the way.

    We went to Sunday school/church, then came home and left for Noccalula Falls to meet up with some of the wife’s family for a picnic. Tried to find a table in the sun, but teenagers were sitting all over the only one, so we ate in the shade. Rather breezy and cool. Once we ate we got out into the sun, and it was nice. Nice to see the sun again. We stayed there a while, and then headed out over the mountain and went back via I-59 back to 759 and into Gadsden. Stopped by a friend of the wife’s and visited (she works at the American Eagle Thrift store over that way, BTW) and then stopped by one of my cousin’s house on the way home to drop off a few things. Got home right at sunset and got the kids and we got the plants in. Living room now looks like a jungle, and I’m sure the kitten (who has showed real fascination with the house plants) will be having all KINDS of fun in there soon. Not much going on now, but tomorrow Fall break is over, so back to work on a more regular schedule.

    Stay warm tonight!


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