Monday bits

Decided to try to put the camper shell that was on the Ranger on the Toyota that we have on loan. Measured and the width works, but is about 10 inches too long. So did some figuring and as the front side windows are clouded up am going to cut 10 inches off of the front end and move the front back, cut new side plexy windows and reseal and reassemble. No biggie says I before starting. Yea right says me after getting a little way into it… Started taking it apart and found that the windows and covering metal was not just screwed but also stapled to the aluminum frame. So all the staples had to be pried out too. Took about an hour to get the front piece removed. Got the windows out and the frame marked to cut. Will do that in the morning. Went to Wally World and got some putty to seal it back together with but think I want to use caulk instead so am going to go in the morning and get a couple of tubes. Fro now am going to do a bit more browsing and then call it an early night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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  1. Steve Says:

    Sounds like a Monday kinda thing. ‘Twas a Monday here also. Went to the high school and did some of this ‘n that, then went to Wally World on the way to the elementary school to drop off some prescriptions. While I was there I went to get a 500 GB internal SATA HD that I had decided to get since they didn’t seem to carry any external HDs anymore. Got back to the computer section, and what do I find? Three different external 500 GB HDs, in two different models! I got the one that was $20 cheaper than the internal HD! Woot! Tried it out when I got to the workbuilding and it works fine. I think it has some kind of auto-backup software, but I have found that that is usually just a way to get stuff hung up in a proprietary format and screw you up, so I plan to use it as just a drive. Now I can backup a bunch of stuff and maybe redo a computer or two. Gonna try, anyway. The rest of the day was mainly plain vanilla, and I wound up back a Wally World to get the medicine and (hopefully) all the other little stuff we need for the rest of the week. Went home and did supper, then helped the daughter proofread her English paper. It just needed a few tweaks. Now I’m eating ice cream and getting ready for bed.

    Have a good one!


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