Wednesday done

Finished up the bits and pieces on the camper shell and got it mounted on the Toyota this morning. Loaded up and went to Calcis and it squeaked all the way down. Installed the two motion detecting lamps and then adjusted the fit of the camper shell by moving it back a quarter inch from the cab. Twas much quieter on the trip back. Got back and after unloading swept the back out and measured the top for insulation. I think one sheet of blueboard will do most of the inside. Fixed and ate supper, then did a bit of browsing on the computer. Been watching Sherlock Holmes – Shoscombe Old Place since. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Wednesday done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Sounds good with the shell. Still waiting for pics–hint, hint.

    Had a Wednesday. Fixed some things, wasn’t able to on others, the day passed. Got up earlier than usual this morning as the wife has to go to a meeting before work. Yippee.

    Tried to Skype you yesterday and couldn’t get you, figured that you were in Calcis. I will probably try again today. I have a camera/microphone setup on my machine at work and it seems to work pretty well–set up Skype on another machine (a netbook, AAMOF) and did a video call–worked fine. Have something I want to ask you about, and Skype seems a good way to do it. Anyway, I’ll try when I can and get you I will or not. As Yoda might say…

    Have a good one.


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