Done as I am gonna get for now

Got the insulation put in or as much of it as I am gonna do for right now. All the overhead is done and most of the front wall. Been sitting cross legged in the back of the truck for a large part of the day installing and taping the insulation and my back and hips are telling me about it. Gonna take something for pain and swelling and call it a night here soon. As Steve keeps asking for them pictures are below such as they are. Took them after dark tonight and the camera didn’t want to focus on the camper shell so just took them anyway. Still got to make some kind of curtains and make some curtain rods or hangers but other than that it’s ready to camp in.

And that’s it for now. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Done as I am gonna get for now”

  1. Steve Says:

    Looks good! Not that I expected anything different…it’s just nice to see with my own two eyes, a web server, and Mozilla Firefox–that sounds simple, doesn’t it….

    Had a Thursday–ran around and did things until I was worn out, basically, then went home and did little. Now at work and waiting until I feel a little better and then getting going on….will choose a project then, I guess. Plenty to choose from. Will try to contact you soon, most likely.

    Have a good day, and stay dry!


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