Recovery Monday

Spent most of the day recovering from the weekend. Got out this afternoon and mailed a E-Bay package, then went by my folks house and picked some turnip greens and peppers. From there went to Wally World and got some stuff for Cat’s mom and a few things for us, then came home just ahead of the heaver rain. After getting things in and put up, washed and started the greens cooking, and then cooked and ate supper. Had started some dried beans cooking earlier in the day for chili, and after eating cooked the meat and added it and a can of tomato sauce to the beans and onions and am slow cooking it. Was hoping to go to Summerville Ga. for the Tuesday flea market tomorrow but looks like it will be rained out. May try to make the Rome, Ga. Trade Days on Wednesday but will wait and see what the weather is gonna do before deciding for sure. For now am gonna stir the chili and start on some leather work I have been meaning to do, so till tomorrow… 😉


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