Saturday bits

Though quite wet this morning we decided to go to the Lineville Heritage Day Festival anyway and see what was there. Rained on and off the entire way and continued the same pattern the whole time we were there. Met a few folks there that did old style crafts. Learned a few things. Walked the old downtown area and (as always it seems) ended up buying a few books. Some at the town Library book sale and a few more at an antique store. Interesting place. Gonna try to have a booth there next year. Came back the same way we went (via 9 and 431) and made the stop at the Hobby Lobby in Oxford were Cat got some more yarn and though I looked, once again I managed to leave without getting anything. Came home and fixed a pot of chicken, veggie, rice soup and a pan of corn bread. Ate supper and after watching most of The Hound Of The Baskervilles, made a couple of buffalo tooth and bead necklaces. Gonna finish the movie and then call it a night. Planning (depending on how we feel in the morning) on going to Mountain Top trade day, so till tomorrow… 😉


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  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Been busy, and haven’t commented. Strangely enough, the world goes on….

    Been busy at work. Helping some folks get ready for a conference (random technology things off and on), helping with the “Talk about it” program, troubleshooting the problems from a power outage–all the usual things. Did the mother-in-law’s birthday thing at Wintzell’s Oyster House in Guntersville Friday night. Didn’t rain/storm on us going up, but it started raining as soon as we headed for the van when we were done. It rained and gusted on the way home, but not too bad, althought gusts in a van are always a bunch of fun.

    Saturday did a few things around the house, waiting on the wife who wanted to go with me to Wally World after I did some more tech support for the conference. To keep me from spending too much. I ain’t TOUCHING that one. She got involved in various things at home, and finally decided she could trust me, so off I went. Wound up spending about 6 times longer there than I had planned, and then went to Wally World a bought a BUNCH of stuff (from the list provided, of course) then went home. Mainly computer and TV for the rest of the evening, the son made some AWESOME pizza. About to have some for breakfast, methinks. Changed the alarm clock time and went to bed.

    Now it’s almost eight, and I’m about ready for breakfast. Slept ten hours Friday night/Saturday morning, which is some kind of record for me (at least for the last several years) and I guess I’m a little caught up on sleep now. That won’t last.

    Hope you made it to trade day, looks like a GREAT day. I think we may look at leaves and such later.

    Have a good one!


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