Sunday pieces

Went to Mountain Top Trade Day this morning and after a trek up the hill and got a 125 foot long roll of the aluminum backed bubble pack insulation 6 feet wide at a very reasonable price. Carried it back to the truck and then did a walk through of about half the place before giving out. Ate lunch in the truck there in the parking lot and then headed west to Sneed and wandered around the indoor flea market there. Got nothing but will go back just to see what’s new. Headed back toward home and stopped at the Attalla Trade Day and wandered around there for a bit. Again got nothing but will be back. Would like to see about getting a spot at that one, depending on the price of admission. Got their number and will call next week to see what the count and amount is. Looking at heading to Calcis tomorrow, Summerville Tuesday and Rome Wednesday. If the energy holds out that is. Tis not 7:30 yet but am about done in with the time change, so am gonna close and hit the bed early tonight. Till tomorrow… šŸ˜‰


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2 Responses to “Sunday pieces”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Yeah, the time change is interesting, isn’t it? Think I could do without it, actually…

    Got up yesterday and did breakfast, and put some stew in the crockpot for later. Went to Sunday school and church, then came home for lunch. (Not stew–that’s supper) Stayed around the house a while, and then the wife and I went riding to look at the scenery. Nice. Came home and ate, and watched “Rat Race”. Pretty good, actually. Then went to bed, worn out by the time change, I guess.

    Now another day. Have a good one, and drive carefully! Lots of idiots out there….


  2. Steve Says:

    ‘Tis DEFINITELY a Monday…


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