Monday on the road

Did a bit of cutting and moving bits around on the cross supports and decking I had built for the Ranger to make it fit the Toyota. Got finished about the time that breakfast was ready, so ate, got a shower and then loaded the tubs of Cat’s mom’s stuff, her new microwave and the cooler for the frozen and cold stuff in the truck. With the decking in place it will hold a fair amount more stuff than without. Only draw back it that the stuff slides around a bit. Gonna have to see if I can find something to coat the plywood with to make it non slip.

Anyway, after getting things loaded went to Wally World and got the meat, bread, and some last minute items and then headed south. Got there, unloaded, then while Cat unpacked and put stuff up inside, I went to caulk the motion sensing light fixtures that I put up last time we were down there, only to find the caulk gun I had packed in the tool box was all bent up inside. Started trying to straighten it and ended up taking the rivet out of the handle and using hammer, linesmen pliers, and the porch railing, straightened the bent part back to what it was supposed to be and then put it back together. Happened to have a punch with me and was able to re-punch the rivets and using the small ball peen hammer bradded them back better than they were from the factory. And it actually worked when I was finished! Which saved a 10 mile (one way) trip to the hardware store to get a new one. Caulked the light fixtures and did a few more things that needed doing, then loaded the tubs back in the truck. While Cat was doing computer things I went and collected a pile of rail road spikes, 5 rail hold down plates, a couple of other bits that I have no idea what are but are 3/8 inch thick by 2 inches wide and when flattened 8 to 10 inches (or more) long. Fodder for the forge. 🙂 Also got a bit that is used to hold the rails together in the curve and is made of two pieces of 1 1/2 inch round rod, each almost 3 feet long with a bolted section in the center. Sucker is 50 + pounds and I suspect is quite a bit ++. Will have to weigh it sometime just to see. Again will use it for something with the forge at some point, just couldn’t let it sit there and rust away. Got the hold down plates to use with the First Up tent. Gonna drill a hole in the center of 4 of them and use a bolt and wing nut to attach to the bottom of each leg for weight. Should help to keep it from flying off in the wind as easily as it wants to now. Just went out and got one and weighed it, and it comes in at 18 3/4 pounds, so 4 of them would be 75 pounds and should hold a lot better than the little 1/8 inch thick 6 inch long wires they give you with the thing to anchor it with.

Back to the day. After getting the metal bits loaded, took a look at the front porch roof and tried to decide the best way to fix it. Looks like it will have to come at least partially down and be rebuilt. Will check on prices later in the week. Cat got finished and we headed back. Stopped at the river and ate a real late lunch and then came on in. Got home around 4:30 and unloaded and got stuff put up. I checked email and then made a leather belt that I’d been thinking on for a while. Afterwards heated the last of the soup I had fixed the other day and warmed the corn bread and we ate supper, then came back to the computer and read some of the accumulated feeds from the last couple of days.

Checked the Google map for the quickest way to Ye Old Trading Grounds in Summerville, Ga. and printed it out. Gonna head that way in the morning and see what kind of Tuesday crowd they have. Trying to figure out a route to hit 4 or 5 places a week to sell stuff at. Hoping to do a day or two at Poor Mans in Gadsden later this week, most likely Thursday and Friday. Want to go to the one in Rome, Ga. on Wed and see what it’s like, and have found 4 different ones in Acworth, Ga. that are open on Saturday and Sunday that we are gonna try to go to, again, mainly to see what kind of crowd they have.

For now am gonna do just a few more minutes of browsing and then hit the sack. The miles I have been driving are starting to wear on me a bit and am having to get a bit more rest than when just sitting in front of the computer, so till tomorrow… 😉


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