Another day on the Road

And the last (except for semi local trips no further than Gadsden) for at least a day or two. Made it to the Rome Trade Days and did a wander through. Spotted a Skill Sidewinder saw and was told that it could be mine for only $12. Offered him $5 and was told no way, so left. Finished the circuit and bought a Sony AM/FM tuner for $1.25 after the guy offered it to me for $2. Just gotta haggle a bit. Counter offered him a buck and he said no way. Talked a minute and then started walking away with a final offer of $1.25 and he with a disgusted sigh says gimme and take it, so I did. πŸ™‚ Went back to the Guy with the saw and looked at it again and talked to him a minute and we settled on $8 for it. Then he offers me a tote of assorted hand tools and plumbing and electrical parts, nails and a million candle power spot light for $20. I ended up carrying it off for $18 and after unpacking it once we got it home feel that I got quite a deal. Will keep a few pieces and sell the rest and should quadruple my investment at the very least. Plugged the saw in when we got home and it ran ok, then after a shot of WD-40 into the brushes it took off. Reset the blade depth and cut a board and realized that for the first time in my life I was using a saw that had been designed for a left handed person! I suspect this saw was made in the late 50’s or early 60’s but tis still in super good shape. Will replace the cord and plug and take the transmission apart and clean the old lube out and refill it. Suspect it needs a new shaft seal that may be a pain to find but I’ve used rtv for that kind of thing before and it’s not like I will be using it every day either so should last me a long time.

Just looked it up and seems that it was made from 1946 through 1956. Skilsaw Model 67 Has all ball bearing construction so with proper care should go for a LONG time yet and has been going for over 50 years now. Guess that’s why they don’t make them like that any more…

After hauling the booty back to the truck, or at least to the parking lot and then getting the truck and moving it to where the stuff was as that tote was quite heavy, not to mention the saw and receiver, we headed back. Stopped in Cave Spring and wandered the stores that were open. Stopped in at the junk shop that we bought the Warm Morning woodburner from several years ago and talked to the old guy there for quite a while. Got a grind rock for one of my hand cranked grinders, and Cat got a pile of books, some string, yarn, and a sewing bag and spent $5.50 for it all. Would have spent twice that on the rock at a hardware store.

Took a break and ate lunch at the park, afterwards walking around a bit, then going back into town and looking at a couple of more places then headed on back this way with one short stop at a junk store in Piedmont that was a washout with nothing interesting to us in sight. Got back and unloaded, then unpacked and been at the computer since. Gonna go out and look at the trailer frame when I finish this. Got to get it done soon, so till tomorrow… πŸ˜‰


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One Response to “Another day on the Road”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Sounds like a productive day, and it surely was pretty. On a historical note, I was reading an article once about the original circular saws that said after the carpenters had used them all day, they needed to be rebuilt. (Brushes, bearings–whatever) So the guy that sold them would have them come by when they were heading home, and he would spend the evening rebuilding the saws, and they would pick them up on the way to the jobsite the next morning. No doubt it was a PITA, but he wound up selling SCADS of the saws, which became more durable as time and experience led the manufacturer along…one hopes so, for the sake of the hardware store owner…

    Just stayed home today, and did very little. Felling somewhat better, though I have found that whenever I am ill with whatever I go through phases of feeling OK and then not so OK. Been that way today, but I’m kinda in-between at the moment. This too shall pass…

    Have a good one!


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