Another day on the road

Just didn’t go quite as far afield. First stop was at Poor Mans Trade Day to see what kind of crowd they have on Thursdays. From talking to some folks today was slower than usual but was still a fair number of folks there, both selling and buying. Twas a steady stream of buyers and folks still setting up to sell up to about 9 o’clock. I ended up buying a retractable step for the camper for 5 bucks. Fellow wanted 6 but I had already decided I wouldn’t spend more than 5 and that’s what I offered. He said he had more than that in it but when I started off he said he needed the money more than the step and took my 5, though I think it irritated him to sell it at that. Cat got some wooden beads at a good price. Then we hung around talking to a guy we know for a while and watching the flow of the crowd.

From there headed north to Attalla. First stop was at the Attalla Trade Day at the junction of 77 and 278. Got a bag of brass grommets and installation tools for a buck. Then at another booth Cat found an enameled coffee pot with stainless steel guts for $3 that we got. Same guy had a cooler that’s a much better size for day trips than the one we have and he only wanted $2 for it so we brought it home too. Talked to the site owner and hope to set up there first of next week for a couple of days and see how it goes.

Left and went into old downtown Attalla and wandered around the antique shops for a while. Talked to several folks about business and what is and isn’t moving. Ended up getting a couple of old tools from one gentleman at a really good price. One was a set of duck billed tongs for blacksmithing and the other is a wood working tool of some ilk but is still a bit of a mystery. Will see about getting pix of both soon. Talked to another fellow and he suggested we start vending at First Fridays in Gadsden, so are going to go over there tomorrow evening and see what it’s all about.

Left a lot later than we had planned on and headed to the Gadsden boat launch and ate under the old bridge. After eating headed back and then when almost home remembered there was a yard sale out on Leyden’s (sp?) Mill Road that we had planned on checking out so made a side trip out there and ended up getting a interesting lamp, some string, and several ceramic souvenir thimbles, and talking to the fellow there till almost dark.

After getting home (finally) unloaded and then while Cat was feeding the starving hordes (of cats) I took the First Up down from over the Ford truck and then cut the 2×2’s we use on the table stands down to 6 feet so they will fit into the back of the truck and the tail gate still close. After loading them into the truck came in and warmed and then ate supper. Afterwards put a new socket into a lamp we got at the yard sale. Still got to make a shade for it and do a bit of painting but it works now. Nice iron floor reading lamp. Another piece I will get a picture of and post at some point soon.

As we still have several hours of work to get things ready to do the trade day thing, looks like tomorrow will be hitting yard sales, finishing up preparations for selling on Saturday, then going to First Friday in the evening. For now am gonna do just a few minutes of browsing and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had an interesting traveling day meself. Went to work, and did some stuff. Was feeling a lot better, but still not 100%. Left work about 1:00 and went by Edwards on the way home and got a few things. Got home and ate lunch, knocked the right nose-piece/pad off of my glasses cleaning them, and then the daughter and I headed out to Trussville. Beautiful day for driving (or most anything else, I guess). Got there a little early. Paid the bill, then got directions to a Wal Mart Supercenter to go get my glasses fixed. Also some gas, as I was running low. And the adventure began…the lady at the doc’s office told me to turn left on US 11 and go for “quite a ways–but it’s a straight shot” and that when I finally saw the McDonald’s I was to go just past the next light and there would be the Wally World. Well, thirty minutes and some 15+ miles later I’m in Springville, with no McDonalds and no Wally World, and virtually no gas either. Said the hell with it, gassed up, and headed back. Nice trip, even though the return was with the sun in my eyes. Pretty country (with much more country than I expected so close to B’ham) and some interesting places we may have to check out later. Hit Sonic on the way back and got drinks still in Happy Hour, then got back about 5 minutes before the daughter was done. Good timing. Then drove home. Lotta driving…got home, ordered supper from Cecil’s Place (NOBODY felt like cooking by then) and sent the son with a check to get it. Ate, watched CSI, and am about to head to bed. Better day than yesterday, any way, even with the detour. Or maybe just “tour”.

    Have a good one!


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