Saturday bits

Started out this morning and first sign we saw was for an Estate Sale, so we headed that way. Ended up with a box of yarn, another one of embroidery thread, and about 50 pounds of buttons. I should really learn to just walk away from things but maybe we will come out on it all. Came back and unloaded the truck and headed out again. Next stop was at a yard sale on 204. Got 2 swag ceiling lamps one of which I have already mounted on the lamp stand we picked up yesterday. There were a bunch of boxes on the ground at the back of the tables and as I walked toward them the lady said that there were a bunch of cast iron in them at $X each or if we wanted them all we could have them of a good bit less. I told her I’d be back in a minute with the truck and didn’t even stop to haggle about the price. Loaded the boxes up and then looked around a bit more and found a book and a pile of old 78 records that we also got. Talked to the folks for a bit and then headed on into Jacksonville. First sign we followed was not open today. The next one had a pile of yarn we got. Next place I got a nice leather apron for blacksmith work and a wood chisel with a chunk out that cleaned up fine on my new hand grinder. Another stop was between two of them over by Wally World. Cat picked up a pair of leather bedroom slippers at one and I got a lamp shade out of the trash at the other one. Stopped at another place on the way home but there was nothing in our line at it so headed on in for lunch.

After lunch I dug up some bolts, nuts, flat and lock washers, and put one on each of 4 rail road rail mounting plates and made heavy hold down feet for the First Up. Put it up in the front by the truck and set up the tables under it. Got the lamp modified and then unloaded the cast iron. Got a total of 16 pieces. 3 or 4 of them have been warped by the fire that they were burned out in. Not sure if I will try to reheat them and straighten them or just let them go as is. Cleaned off the charcoal grill and moved it out front and am ready to start seasoning them, probably tomorrow afternoon. With the First Friday doings at Gadsden tonight and as tired as we both are already from the running all week I suspect we will do some more yard saleing tomorrow and get things ready to either do Sunday or maybe Monday selling.

For now am gonna go and get a shower and get ready to go to Gadsden this evening, so till tomorrow… 😉


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