Another day doing yard sales

Made quite a circuit, starting in Alexandria, going out into Ohatchee, back through Alexandria and into Jacksonville, then into Weaver and home. Picked up a few interesting pieces but nothing like yesterdays cast iron haul. After eating lunch went out looking for metal shower curtain clips that look like an old style key hole. Found some but at about 28 cents each were a bit much for what I want as we need at least a hundred and two to three hundred would not be out of the question. Want to use them to hold necklaces and bracelets on displays in the First Up. Going to go to Mountain Top in the morning and see if a guy we saw last weekend is there and if so ask him where he got his. For now am going to do just a bit more browsing and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Another day doing yard sales”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    You must have put a few miles on the Yoyo this week. Beautiful weather for it, I must say…

    Friday went. Stayed home and did nothing of any consequence, but got to feeling better. Saturday was better. I got up and did some chores (mainly computer/finance related) and then made an errand run. Paid the water bill, paid on the Martin’s bill, got bread, went to the Dollar Tree and got some stuff, picked up some medicine, and finished up at Wally World. Got home and made cream of mushroom soup for lunch and put Swiss steak on for supper. Watched the Alabama football game, and then cleaned up and checked out the computer which had its VGA port ripped out. Still works–no shorts–put in a PCI card and boot Mandriva, which worked until time for the video driver. I plan to put XP back on it (Boo! Hiss!) so it shouldn’t matter–we’ll see. Ate supper, and didn’t do a lot else for the evening.

    Now about to go pack the wife’s breakfast/lunch for work, and then will rustle up a hard drive for the machine and hook it up. Using the KVM switch that John gave me a while back–swaps sound (in and out) as well as a USB device. Neat device! Thanks, John, if you are reading…I am wondering if I should try to “encase” the pins left behind by the VGA removal to prevent shorts. I have them separated, but something could bump them, and I really have NO idea what that would cause. Comments, anyone?

    Well, have fun today!


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