Monday done

Cut some bamboo from the thicket, dragged it back to the compound, trimmed and cut it to length and now have uprights and cross pieces to hang bracelets, necklaces and such from around the sides of the First-Up. Finished up with the seasoning of the cast iron and got it all packed into two totes, then took the tables and First-Up all down and packed it everything but the canopy and 4 long pieces of bamboo up into the truck. Went to put the new wipers on and they were the wrong size so dug out the receipt and a couple of other things that needed to go back to Wally World and headed that way. Got the stuff returned and did some shopping (after measuring the wipers and not depending on the computer to tell me the length this time) for the wipers and walls for the First-Up among other things. While there got more turkeys as at $0.40 a pound there isn’t any kind of meat that you can buy right now. Called my folks and got them two more and carryed them by on the way back home. Once unloaded and stuff put up heated and ate supper, then settled in and did a bit of browsing. Waiting for the storms to get here, and hoping they are forecast worse than they are. Am gonna do a bit more browsing and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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