Very unlovely day

Was gonna load up the truck this evening to do Poor Man’s Trade Day in the morning, but after getting rather stove up from a fall in the mud, and with the continuing rain, and a lotta things around here that are gonna need attention/cleaning up/drying out tomorrow after the storm today, will shoot for Thursday instead.

For now am updating Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 on the old drive on this machine. Have been running Kubuntu 9.10 on the other drive for a while now and quite like it so figured it was time to upgrade this one too. Gonna browse a bit and then turn in, so till tomorrow… 😉


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2 Responses to “Very unlovely day”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Hope you aren’t stove up too much. The weather has been very much “falling weather”, both for people and precipitation. Hopefully that ends today.

    Been the usual kind of thing lately. Working on computers and other technical-type things. Spent some time hooking up computers to TVs so teachers can show stuff to the class. Have one building that has TERRIBLE interference bars on the TV screens. Noticeable at best and absolutely unusable at worst. Spent most of the time during the monsoon yesterday getting some computers ready to deploy today, while everyone is home and out of the way. Hope to get in, get them set up, and get out and back home fairly quickly, with the obligatory trip to Wally World in there. Just hope the rain has stopped. I guess we’ll see.

    Well, gotta go pack the wife’s lunch, so I’ll check in later.


    • depatty Says:

      Still hurting quite a bit this morning. Was one of those prat falls where both of my feet went out from under me at the same time and somehow were at about waist level before my arse hit the ground. Big pain was I landed straight armed on my left hand trying to keep my head from impacting a pile of bricks and rock that was behind/beside me, which wouldn’t have been near as bad, but the left shoulder has been quite painful for several weeks now, as in move a certain way and brings tears to the eyes and makes one gasp for breath for several minutes painful. Well the impact did all that and more. From the way the back feels it also did some unfortunate things to it’s alignment that are gonna take a while to work out. But am in better overall shape than I had thought I would be today, so… 😉


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