Mainly on domain names and websites that I am no longer using but am paying for, and wondering if I should just let them go and use the money for other things (like food).

What brought this up was the email I got this morning about Technoprimitive.org that is due for renewal in 5 more days. Got to thinking about it and I haven’t done anything over there but a update or two in a couple of years. Still getting hits but it’s bringing in no revenue and costing at minimum, just for domain name $10.00+ a year. Hosting for our sites (5 at present I think) is running about $7 a month or $84 a year. So as I am looking at it right now, with 7 domains costing around $10 a year each and yearly hosting running $84 we’re spending about $154 a year for nothing, as we’re both blogging at WordPress.com using their free service and paying e-Bay and Bonanzle for the E-commerce stuff. However Cat has a pile of pictures and a bunch of genealogy stuff on her site so the hosting costs would stay the same. Still thinking about dropping one or more of the domain names. Any thoughts?


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5 Responses to “Ponderings”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hmmmm….decisions…prefer donuts….

    So, as I read this, you are thinking of dropping domain names at $7.00 per year (if you drop them all, $35?) but keeping the hosting because Cat’s site needs all the space? I would look at it as “What do I have tied up in the domain names, either financially or emotionally?” If you have financial interests there, I would think keeping them would be the thing to do. If not, I think it comes down to an emotional tie (for want of a better term–having a domain name that you think is cool/easy to remember/indicative of what you want to say or do) and whether or not you want to cut that tie.

    In a really weird analogy here, I dithered about swapping my landline phone for cable phone for a long time, and now that I finally got around to it, only wish I had done it sooner. Same with swapping credit cards a while back–if I had been smart, I would have done it YEARS ago. I have a conservative streak in me (OK, OK–lazy might be a better term) that compels me to stay with something even when my head says it’s time to change. Don’t want the bother, fear of the unknown, or just plain laziness–I’m not sure. A combo, methinks. But usually if I just look at something as if I were someone else looking at it, it helps. I would say (speaking ex cathedra from my belly-button, as Jubal Harshaw would say) that unless you have some kind of plans to use those domains soon, let ’em go. Conversely, if you drop them, and then decide later to get them back (if still available), what kind of extra expenses are you looking at?

    It really comes down to cost/benefit ratio–if you see a benefit that offsets the costs (and it doesn’t have to be a financial offset–money is only good for making you feel good, in my opinion–gee that sounds bad, but it would take an entire post just for THAT one) then keep them. If not, dump them. You can always get other domains–of course, you might wind up having to take “223hjgioue45iwee.com or something like that, but that’s the breaks.

    Just my $0.2, which would pay for about one day’s worth of one domain name, if my math is correct….hmmm, that’s pretty cheap…maybe I should see if “iwillruletheworld!.com” is available–one step closer in my life’s dream….


    • depatty Says:

      Well it would be $35 if we only had 5 domain names but we have 7 I think. Two of the sites have two names pointing to the same places. nero-wolfe.us and nero-wolfe.org and calcis.net and calcis.us at the very least. I think we may have more. Some of this stuff is in my name/account(s) and some is in Cat’s so it tends to get confusing at times. At present I know of 4 in my name and at least 3 in Cat’s, so we’ll call it 7 anyway.

      Ok, just went and looked it all up. The current domains are:

      calcis.net with calcis.us parked/pointed at the .net
      nero-wolfe.us with nero-wolfe.org parked/pointed at the .us

      Gonna have to put some more skull sweat into this but looks like the amount of work involved in getting rid of ANY of these at present is gonna be a lot more than just paying for at least another year of hosting and doing the transfer bit slowly. Ah well who needs to eat anyway…


  2. Steve Says:

    OK–about “money is only good to make you feel good”.

    Money is a medium of exchange, used as barter. Just having money doesn’t do you any good,you have to SPEND it to accrue any real benefit–leaving you broke again. So, you spend it for food (offsets hunger–feels good), housing, transportation, taxes (staying out of prison feels good), those little things from “Josephines Sex Toy Emporium”–whatever floats your boat. (Well, you can buy a boat too–but I digress…)

    The above remark about money only making you feel good was not meant to mean that having money is the only thing that makes you feel good, only that money should be used to make life more enjoyable. Make money to live, don’t live to make money.

    Now, I have to go roll around in the bank vault for a while……


  3. Steve Says:

    BTW–your time stamp still thinks it’s Daylight Savings Time….


    • depatty Says:

      Thanks for the heads up. Fixed, or reset or corrected or whatever ya call it. Thought that the big wordpress in the sky would have it automatic by now but it’s still a manual setting. 😦


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