And an even longer Thursday

Finally sitting down (8:38 pm) for a few before going to finish packing the truck and fixing breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. Got to Poor Man’s about 6:30 am and set up by around 7. Did a bit but day was SLOW. Left out about 1:20 pm and came home, unloaded the truck, went out and paid the power company, then did a Wally World run and came back home. Been digging out stuff and repacking boxes and reloading the truck since other than a short break to fix and eat supper. Got to go and wash up some of the cast iron that I seasoned and pack it and then load the table supports, the First-Up, chairs, and a couple of other bits and then shower and hit the sack, so till tomorrow (if I can still move by then)… 😉


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One Response to “And an even longer Thursday”

  1. Steve Says:

    Jeez, seven tabs open and I don’t want to change any of them to get to your site….I think I may have need of counseling here….

    Been busy and haven’t had time to post. Also, internet was out at home this morning, so….but the phone still worked. DNS, maybe? That’s what I was thinking, and the son ran some diagnostic stuff that said so, so….maybe.

    Trying out clonezilla here at work, and I like it! Am cloning second HD with it now (I know that two does not a large statistical universe make, but gotta start somewhere) and it seems to work just fine. I see possibilities…not sure if I can swing the server version yet, but might give it a try. Something I am thinking very hard about trying is making images on a drive and then cloning from those–it looks like it would be pretty easy, but will have to try it and see. ‘Twould be nice to have several images on one drive, and be able to clone from any of them. Had that ability years ago with Ghost, but it got weird on me. Gee, who woulda thunk it, right? LOVE being able to boot from a CD, never could get Ghost to do that. My fault, I guess, but I must say that at the present I won’t miss Ghost, for any number of reasons–having to use floppies being just one.

    Now, to see if I can get a video editor that doesn’t suck and doesn’t cost going….it looks like I’ll have to see what Linux offers, as everything I have tried in Windoze is either
    A. not free
    B. not sucky
    C. both of the above.




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