Another long day

Though I (we) may be getting used to it as I don’t hurt as bad tonight as last night. Got up at 4:45 am and left out at 5:20. Rolled in at Poor Man’s and started unloading at just before 6 and still got put in the boonies. Will have go get up and be there 5:30 or earlier to get a good spot the way it looks. Finished packing up and rolled out just after 2 pm. Had an ok day but it could have been better with a better spot. On the way in made the (seemingly) mandatory Wally World stop and then made it home. Got here around 3 and unloaded the partially emptied totes then went to the 8×8 building by the creek and got a bunch of military surplus trays, coffee cups, and cups that we had stored there, along with a set of owl fire andirons. Next stop was the storage trailer where we got some bowls that go with the other stuff, along with a bunch of pet toys, kids toys, books, and other assorted stuff, then came back here where I started seasoning some of the dutch ovens and cooking supper. After the previous was done, ate supper, and then repacked the totes and reloaded the truck. Checked the dutch ovens and put them back in, where they are now, for a final heating. Just checked again and took them out as they look about right. Will have to wait till they cool to be sure but are certainly better than they were. Sold one today, and was the worst one I had. Guy that bought it wanted more so I decided to get these done and see if he shows early enough to claim them, if not they are done anyway and available to the first one with the proper amount of folding green. About to get a shower, cook breakfast and put it in the fridge to be nuked in the morning, and then call it an even earlier night as the morning is gonna be earlier too, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Another long day”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hmmm–I need to come look at those Dutch ovens–I might want one.

    Had an OK Friday–worked in the workbuilding, mainly. Tried out Clonezilla and it was good. Have a few ideas about how to make my life easier with it, will have to get them lined up and give it a try. It would be nice to have a disk of images again, rather than one disk per image as I have it now. Think I can do that with Clonezilla. Cloned some machines, searched for some software, and found some, though not QUITE what I wanted.

    Going to try and rearrange some things here at home today. Have a good one!


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