Saturday about done

Another pre-dawn morning at Poor Man’s. Had the First-Up set up and most of the stuff out by the time the sun came up. First sale put us in the black for the day and got better from there. Only problem was my buying stuff every time I walked around the place. Even though we sold 2 pieces of cast iron, ended up with 3 more than we took, among other things. Two pieces were very good and two will take a lot of work but should be worth it. The other one was a trivet and will need to be burned off and then oiled while hot to get the black iron color back as I would rather do it that way than to paint the stuff that could or is gonna get hot. Came home and restocked on the items that sold the best, again after the mandatory trip to Wally World. Unloaded the boxes and totes that had to be restocked and then started seasoning some of the cast iron. Have finished off 7 or so pieces tonight and have two (other than the trivet) that will need to be burned, wire brushed and then reseasoned from there. Will do them first of the week on one of our down days, whenever that is. Need to see if the pans are cool enough to finish packing the last tote and reload the truck for tomorrow. Gonna go out to Bill’s Trade day in the morning and see how sales do there. Same guy owns it as owns Poor Man’s and made me a deal I just couldn’t pass up on setting up there tomorrow. For now am about done in and done for the evening. Gonna go and shower after finishing the packing and reloading, make sure tomorrow’s lunch is ready, and then hit the sack, so till the morrow… πŸ˜‰


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2 Responses to “Saturday about done”

  1. Steve Says:

    Sounds like fun. Where are these places? Might like to check them out sometime. Would like to check out a Dutch oven from you, also. If you get back and see this before late, let me know, and we might just come by there, if y’all are up for it.


  2. depatty Says:

    Will make a blog post with the info on the locations. Sorry we got back late and so tired we still haven’t unloaded the truck. I’ve sold all the Dutch ovens that were ready. 😦 Sorry. I do have a couple that have to be burned out and reseasoned that I will let you know about prior to selling them so you can take a look. Thought I had two more but turned out they were both cracked and will be good for decorative pieces only.


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