Twas a day and then some

Got up a bit later than the previous two days, but still left out long before the sun came up. Got to Bill’s Trade Day on 431 in Glencoe, Al. about 6:15 am and started setting up. Could have waited another couple of hours as the first customers weren’t there till around 9. Trip there was quite a pain as the fog showed up when we got to 431 and got worse the further north we traveled. Mostly went away as we topped the hills just before getting there, maybe a half mile away. Had a fair day. Made a bit, and spent a bit but as we made more than I spent AND we came home with a LOT more stuff than we left with I think we did pretty good. Am thinking about setting up a permanent booth there for Sundays so we don’t have to load and unload and set up the First-Up every time. Did real good with the cast iron today. Sold several things and had one guy come quite a way just to talk to me about cast iron from a card I gave out to someone else on Saturday. Will most likely do a bit of business with him at some time. Had another guy that is interested in some owl andirons who collects cast iron that I may be doing some trading with, though will just have to wait and see. Day was about done and I had just come back from buying a vintage glass juicer and old iron skillet from another vendor when a fellow that was set up a couple of spots down from us came up and told me he had a deal I couldn’t refuse. After walking down to his spot (with sandwich in mouth and hand as I was trying to eat at the time) it turned out he was right. I ended up buying 3 tables of product, 3 totes to carry it in, and some books from him. Had to completely redo the back of the truck to get it all packed in but managed to do so without having to put any on the tail gate. Got some junk, some glass, a few pieces of ceramic, and some cast resin pieces. Don’t know if it was worth it but will see next Wednesday at Poor Man’s on 431 in Gadsden unless we travel to Summerville, Ga to the market there on Tuesday. Wouldn’t mind trying it but the time difference means that we would have to leave out of here around 2 am to get there around 5:30 their time and I’m just not into driving that far at night. Gonna get back to work on the trailer this week and set it up to haul the product in and camp in the truck I think. I have already asked about staying over at the Summerville market and there is no charge, so figure when we go, we’ll make the trip over the night before and sleep there then get up and set up at daybreak, all fresh and rested instead of already tired out from the 2 and a half hour drive.

For now am gonna do a bit more browsing and then call it a night. The past week has about worn me out, so till tomorrow… 😉


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