Bill’s Country Flea Market or Bill’s Trade Day – Glencoe Alabama

Bill’s Country Flea Market or Bill’s Trade Day is located in Glencoe Alabama on highway 431 and can be seen on Google Maps at,-85.912749&sll=33.910355,-85.912067&sspn=0.003148,0.005756&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=17 if the embedded map below doesn’t show you enough.

Bill’s is open Sunday only. Vendors get there any time from 6 am till about 9 and things get busy after 9:30 or so. Here also things die down around noon with some vendors packing up as early as 11 am and just about everybody gone or at least packing by 1 pm.

There is a variety of merchandise available, both new and used, but this is an old country market and the selection of new items are limited. You can find car parts, antiques, some clothes (but used and abused is the name of the game at this market), glass ware, china, some grocery store items, DVD’s (new and used), VHS tapes, cassettes, records (limited and old but 33’s, 45’s, and sometimes 78’s can be found), some fresh fruit and veggies (again limited), knives, watches, NO guns or livestock, some toys, books will be available soon as I talked to a guy who sells books that is moving in this coming weekend (November 22), tools of all kinds but mostly used and mechanics and hand tools are the most prevalent, again there are things I haven’t mentioned. Here too, there is a lot of stuff to see and if you only make one trip around the place you can miss a bunch. It’s a small market and has a fair number of empty booths and spots on any given Sunday so if you have the urge to set up and clear out the closet or storage building come on out and set up. Outside 10 foot wide spots cost $2 a day.

There is a snack bar, but I have never gotten anything there and have no idea of the menu. Restrooms are handicapped accessible.

Here again get there early for the best selection and stay late for the best bargains! Hope to see y’all there.


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