Monday bits

Unloaded the truck this morning after clearing enough space in the Qhut to store the totes. Did lunch and then headed out and paid bills, then went to Piedmont to the new salvage grocery that a couple of friends are opening and helped tote boxes to the shelves until about dark thirty. Left out and went to the Anniston Wally World and got Cat’s mom a bunch of stuff, then went to the Dollar Tree and got a few more things that were cheaper there. Next stop was the Jacksonville Wally World to get some totes and stuff that the Anniston store was out of and then home. Unloaded the truck and then fixed and ate supper and then a bit of a sit down at the computer for a bit. Got to make a trip to Calcis tomorrow so am fixing to hit the sack, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Monday bits”

  1. Steve Says:

    Had a Monday. Not too bad, nothing great. Got some stuff done.

    Now having a Tuesday, with rain. Not much rain, but definitely rain. And a not-quite-right feeling, but not enough to do anything but soldier on.

    Just another day….


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