Poor Man’s Trade Day – Gadsden Alabama

Poor Man’s Trade Day is located in Gadsden, AL on highway 431 just south of the intersection with highway 278. You can see it on Google Maps at http://maps.google.com/maps?q=33.99755,-85.968416&ie=UTF8&ll=33.997572,-85.968192&spn=0.003144,0.005756&t=h&z=18 if the embedded one below doesn’t get you enough information.

Poor Man’s is open Wednesday through Saturday, vendors get there early, and things start rocking by just after daybreak. Friday and Saturday are the big days at this market with parking sometimes being a problem to find by 9 am or so. Things die down around noon with some vendors packing up as early as 11 am and just about everybody gone or at least packing by 1 pm.

There is a variety of merchandise available, both new and used. You can find car parts, antiques, clothes of every kind and for everyone, glass ware, china, drug store and grocery store items, DVD’s (new and used), VHS tapes, cassettes, records (33’s, 45’s, and sometimes 78’s) fresh fruit and veggies of all kinds, knives, watches, NO guns or livestock, toys for young and old, books (though the selection varies and is not real good as there are no perminate booths), crafts and craft items, tools of all kinds (both hand and power, for mechanics, woodworkers, plumbing, and others) and a LOT of things I have failed to mention. Every time I walk around I see things I have missed and if you only make one trip around the place you WILL miss a lot. It’s a medium sized market but has a lot crowded into a small place.

About the biggest thing that is missing is a variety of food vendors. There’s a hotdog and coffee vendor, located by the rest rooms (which are handicapped accessable), who is there every time we have been, and there was a frozen ice vendor walking the loop on Friday but I didn’t see him Saturday.

Get there early for the best selection and stay late for the best bargains! Hope to see y’all there.


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