Tuesday on the road

Started heading west and had to turn around and go east for a bit to get some additional stuff at Wally World and then headed west again for a while prior to turning south to Calcis. Stopped in Pell City for lunch and then continued south. Did the unload and put up things there and then went to Harpersville to get Cat’s mom some stuff and then back to Calcis. Left out and made a stop in Vincent and then continued on south through Harpersville to the Dixieland Flea Market, just to see how far away it was. Gonna have to go down on either Saturday or Sunday and see what it’s like. Have gotten conflicting stories on it and want to see for ourselves. Turned around as it was locked up and headed back north. Made a stop at the Pink Variety Store in Pell City and got several things we had been hunting then continued on back north and home with a stop at the Anniston Wally World to get an external hard drive and then on to the Jacksonville Wally World to get fuel for the truck. After topping off headed on in and unloaded, then heated and ate supper. Been reading feeds since. Am about done in. Will try to fill in more bits tomorrow. Till then… 😉


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