Hump day and done

Loaded up and headed to Calcis again this morning. Stopped and ate lunch at the river in our usual spot. Twas quite nippy. Wish I had worn my long johns as I thought about doing but decided against as the sun was out when we left, but was very overcast with a chill wind blowing off the water when we stopped. Finished quickly and headed on. Got stuff unloaded and inside, then while Cat was setting up the computer I did some measuring of the front porch and the railing of the old house so I can duplicate at least in part the look on the mobile home porch. After getting the measurements I needed and working out a set of plans I took a walk along the railroad tracks and picked up a couple of bottles, some spikes and a bolt. Nothing like the haul I made yesterday. Got around a hundred pounds of spikes, bolts and clamps and found a very old Edison Battery Oil bottle in good shape. After Cat got through with the computer and a few other things we headed on back.

Made a stop at an antique shop which had very few real antiques but a LOT of reproductions and imports. Was not impressed.

Next stop was at Uncle Fred’s thrift shop on highway 78. Asked about cast iron and left with 7 pieces. One super nice 8 quart cauldrin with gate mark, 2 round bottom pots with 3 legs, one of which had a lid, and 4 baking molds. Three of the molds are christmas themed, and one is a different teddy bear mold quite unlike the John Wright Teddy Pan I had and sold the other day. Will clean and season them all in the next couple of days and hope to have them ready this weekend.

After spending way too much on the cast iron we headed on back home rather than going on to the Pink Varity Store as we had planned. Made a stop by the folks house on the way in and then came home. Fixed and ate supper and started to check some stuff on the computer when the cable went out.

Am writing this in gedit and will copy and paste when it comes back up. Am getting quite tired of it going down as often as it has been doing here lately.

Been watching the last few episodes of Sherlock Holmes tonight. I think I have 2 left that I haven’t seen now out of all 4 seasons.

Going to go and get lumber and tin in the morning and head back south to see if I can get the porch roof fixed. Should be a 3 to 4 hour job if I have it figured right.

For now am gonna watch some more Holmes and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Hump day and done”

  1. Steve Says:

    I was rather irked at the cable company last night also. We were ALMOST done with the enrollment on the wife’s medical insurance when cable internet went out. Actually, we had finished it but missed something we wanted to add, and were almost done with that when it went out. After some discussion, we decided to go up to my work and finish it there (last day, of course) and also do a couple other things that we needed to online. So, I got dressed and we went by Edwards and got a few things and then up to the workbuilding, where it turns out the Internet was down also. So, whatever it was, it wasn’t just Cableone. The son called a friend in Oxford with DSL and his Internet was out also. I am going to try and see what I can find out about it, that sounds like something upstream somewhere, or some choke point that a lot of local stuff goes through. At least it is back now.

    Have a good day!


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