Another long day but made it through

Started loading the truck just after starting a pot of coffee this morning. Dug through tools and took a lot more than I needed but had rather have a half ton too much stuff than be one screw short. Finished loading after eating breakfast and headed to the building materials stores around 10. Got the tin and a couple of other things at Marvin’s and then went on to Lowe’s and got the rest. Got the truck repacked and was on the road toward Calcis at 11:12. Pulled in around 12:30 and started unloading stuff. After getting things unloaded sat down and ate lunch, then started tearing the porch roof off about 1. Got the tin torn off and the 1×4’s removed and all the nails out, then put the new wood down and replaced the tin and caulked all the old nail holes. Put in some cross bracing and built plant shelves on the railings and got done about dark. Then went to the back ramp and stapled the new carpet down by flashlight. Headed back home a little after 6. Got home about 7:30. Unloaded the ladders and extra 2x4x8’s and got to where I could close the camper shell up, then came in and fixed and ate supper. Did a bit of reading feeds and then started this short synopsis of the days events. Gonna do a bit more browsing and then call it a night. Too tired to do trade day tomorrow so am gonna try to get some stuff around here done. Till tomorrow… đŸ™‚


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