Did some cleaning up out back this morning and then headed out to see if there were any yard sales to be found. The answer to which was not that we could locate. So went to Poor Man’s to talk to Bill about a spot at his Sunday trade day. After doing so went to Piedmont to talk to Herrington about some waferboard. Afterwards went to the Co-Op in Jacksonville to see about some carriage bolts. They had two different ones that might work so got one of each and came home, tried them in the erector set metal and decided the bigger (5/16) one would work better so went back and got a hundred carriage bolts, nuts, and lockwashers. Then went to McClellan Auto and found that there was an ice machine on the pile of wafer board I needed to get to so went back to Jacksonville to get fuel and go to Wally World, then came home. Did a bit more moving and sorting in back and stacked some blocks up to support some 2x’s and plywood and then piled tools and assorted stuff from the back of the truck on the resultant table. Put the second level back in the truck bed and got other wood under cover in preparation of the coming wet weekend. May go to the Wilsonville Trade Day in the morning to see what it’s like as a Saturday market. Depends on the weather. For now am gonna do a bit more browsing and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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