Sunday done

At least the trade day part of it. As it was raining quite hard this morning at 5 and then still at 6 I decided to wait a bit and see if it was gonna slack off. By the time it did and we were able to load the truck it was nearly 8:30 and we decided to go to Bill’s in Glenco instead of making the 62 mile trip to the Greater Shelby County one. Got there just after 9 and unloaded. Without the tables and First-Up we can haul 16 totes which is a LOT of stuff. Ended up spreading it out over 4 of the 4×8 tables under the shed roof and still had stuff left in 3 totes. Did about as little as I have ever done at one. Fortunately the owner decided to forgo rent for everybody as there was just no traffic so what little we made stayed in our pockets. Took about an hour to repack all the stuff and get it in the truck, then we came home. Think we are going to take the next two days off and get some more stuff ready to go and set up at Poor Man’s Wednesday. Was thinking about trying for Summerville Tuesday, but with a 2:30 am wakeup and 3 am get on the road time, to get there by 6 their time and maybe get a spot and maybe not, I’m thinking that getting some other stuff done around here and building some displays for the necklaces and bracelets will be better use of the time. For now am gonna take a afternoon siesta and hope that whatever bug that has started to get hold of me will go away. Till later/tomorrow… 😉


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