Tuesday and finally done

Or almost anyway. Still got to get up in about 3 hours and put the turkey in the fridge but otherwise I’m about to hit the sack. Started out this morning working to close in the south porch area where I added the 8 feet of roof yesterday. Got the east end wall done by lunch and then started on the first section of the south facing wall. Got the 4 window sections put in and as finished up as they are gonna get today and then made a trip to Wally World just after dark. Took a while there but after fighting the crowds and crazies, got everything we had to have and got back, fixed and ate supper. Afterwards fixed the stuffing, stuffed the bird and then put the turkey in the oven and started it cooking. Came in and sat down at the computer, when I noted a call had come in via skype from Steve. Called him back and then went with him to check his truck. Made a rough diagnosis and came back here, got parts, then went back to Jacksonville and put them on and it cranked so guess my guess was right or close enough anyway. Came back and sat and talked a bit then checked the turkey and it was done so took it out and cleared an area in the fridge to put it later after it cools a bit. For now am gonna call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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3 Responses to “Tuesday and finally done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Many thanks,once again. In a little bit I’ll wake the son and we’ll go retrieve the truck, and I’ll make the rounds today. Always rounds to do…really not looking forward to going to the Toyota place, but when needs must the devil drives…and I fear he will be driving many of the vehicles on the road today.

    The turkey smelled AWESOME, BTW.

    Have a good day, and a safe trip.


    • depatty Says:

      Hope the truck does ok this morning. About to put the stuffing in the oven and get some veggies cooking and then head out.

      As for the turkey I do them a bid different from most folks. After washing and inserting stuffing and putting the turkey in the Bake-In bag I pour about half a can of crushed pineapple (undrained) and a drained can of mandarin orange slices over it and then seal the bag and cook as per weight instructions. Helps to flavor, moisten and tenderize the meat as well as adds a most interesting aroma while cooking… 😉


  2. Steve Says:

    Truck did just fine. It was me in need of help by the end of the day….lots of running around from one end of the county to the other, but I made it. Thanks again, and hope you found what I left you in the appointed place…

    Busy day. Got the daughter to drop me off at the truck. Tightened up some bolts that I forgot to tighten the night before, turned the ignition, and it fired right up. Went from the Chevron station toward Anniston/Oxford. Stopped at the Advance Auto Parts in Lenlock and bought an air filter. Was going to get oil filters there also, but it turns out that the store in Jacksonville sells the Toyota filters, but it is a “rogue” program (counter guy at the Advance store’s word) and not a company program. So, since I was going to Toyota anyway, just got the air filter and went and put it in. Wound up dropping the wing nut, and since I had my tool kit I looked in it for the magnet tool to pick it up without getting greasy–it landed on the skid plate. No magnet tool. So, I went in and bought one that has a light built into the end. Cool! It worked and I went on down the road. Got money from the credit union for the trip coming up, and then went to Toyota and got the parts I needed. Then went to Western Sizzlin and ate. Went to Dollar General in Weaver, and Jacksonville Wal Mart, and one other stop in J’vill, then stopped briefly at your place to drop something off. Went home, unloaded, and laid down for a while–I was rather tired. Got up a little later, loaded up a computer I have had done a while, and went over to someone’s house and worked on their machine. Took longer than I thought it would (doesn’t it always?) and then I went and met the person who owned the machine I had carried with me, and got it to him. Made another quick Wally World run, then got home after 9:00. Ate just a little bit, then fell asleep watching TV.

    And now it is another (turkey) day. Have a good one, and stay safe!


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