Turkey day

Done and overdone. The eating part anyway. Went to the Village Inn and had too much of a good thing. Shoulda stopped at the first plate full but didn’t and have been mildly uncomfortable all afternoon. After finishing headed over to the folks house and sat around and talked for the better part of the afternoon, then came home and started clearing out the room that used to be the greenhouse so we could use the woodburner. Got it cleared out enough to unroll the bubblewrap insulation and cut a piece to put up in the back room between the plants and the east wall. Got it stapled up and then moved the plants back into place. That cleared the area around the woodburner enough to light it but there was a piece of flue that needed replacing so rather than waiting till tomorrow like I was going to do, I located a piece of pipe by flashlight, marked it to length and cut it with the jigsaw. Used pliers to flange the end a bit and got it to go into place. Put a couple of screws in and called it done. Had cleaned the rest of the flue outside earlier, so fired it up, first with paper and cardboard and then wood scraps and finally some logs. Worked as usual so guess it’s go for the winter.

Was planing on selling at Poor Man’s tomorrow (Friday) but the firewood situation is critical so am going to see about cutting wood instead. Tis another of those sequential vortex situations. Got to clear the stuff out of and off of the trailer, and to do that I need to finish enclosing the back porch and putting plastic and carpet down on the floor. Also go to get the tractor out and tune up and sharpen the saw. So hopefully at some time tomorrow I will get some wood cut, split, loaded, brought up to the compound, stacked, and a new shed built to house it out of the weather. Oh and get the Ranger and the old Toyota trucks moved so I can make the circle with the tractor and trailer. I’m thinking it may take more than one day to get even part of the above list done. Guess I need to get to bed so I can get an early start, so till tomorrow… 😉


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