Exhausted and done. Started out with going down to crank the tractor and an hour later after running down and then charging the battery and finding the bad ignition condenser got it cranked and moving. Then spent another hour + trying to find the 3 point trailer hitch, which I finally did at a place I and Cat had both looked 3 + times each before finding it there. I think our local ghost/poltergeist is working over time the last few days. So about 2 hours after I should have been able to get started, managed to get hooked to the trailer and moved it to an area to remove the top tarp and sides and clean the tools and assorted crap off. Got that done and then did lunch. Afterwards located the fuel containers and went to Wally World and got tractor fuel. Came back, filled the tank and after finishing sharpening the chain saw chain headed out to find the wild firewood. Had talked to Bill this morning while trying to find the hitch and he had suggested some downed trees along lakeshore drive. So we headed that way first. And after doing some interesting backing, unhooking and dragging managed to get a trailer load of wood. Brought it back to the compound and after moving the yellow Toyota got the trailer backed into position and partially unloaded and some wood split. By then was dark and we were both beat. Came in, built a fire, fixed and ate supper, and did a bit of reading and then browsing. Am looking to get some more insulation put in tomorrow as well as some more firewood cut and brought in, so am gonna call it an early night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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